Leroy Sibbles

Leroy Sibbles is one of the foundation reggae musicians born in Kingston, Jamaica and began his career as the lead singer of the rock steady group, The Heptones. He recorded many classic reggae tunes including Party Time, Fattie Fattie, Book of Rules, Baby Be True, Equal Rights, Cool Rasta and many more.

Leroy played an integral role in the creation of may of the famous ‘Studio One’ rhythm tracks that are still sampled and re-recorded by reggae artist today. He wrote and arranged many of the early classics, played bass and provided harmony for many famous reggae songs.

Leroy moved to Toronto in the mid-70’s where he was often referred to as the ‘Godfather of Reggae’ for his role in establishing reggae music in Canada. He released 6 solo albums while in Canada – Now; Strictly Roots; On Top, The Best, Meanwhile and Evidence.

When Leroy performs it’s immediately evident that you are watching a living legend. His mastery of the stage is second to none. He has a unique style and an ability to engage audiences of all ages with his repertoire of hits which spans over 5 decades.