Johnny Osbourne

Born and raised in Jones Town, the mecca of dancehall in Kingston, Jamaica, Johnny Osbourne is a part of the musical fraternity that established the foundation of dancehall reggae. A protégé of Alpha Boy’s School, his penchant for the art was the driving force that kept him focused while honing his musical skills. Life a magnet, he was pulled to the dancehalls of Kingston, where he developed a reputation as the ‘Dub Doctor’ where Sound Systems from every corner of the world wanted a dub sample voiced by Johnny.

Blessed with a electric voice and a consummate style, Johnny’s music transcends generations. He has a string of hits dating from the late 60’s through the 90’s that defines Johnny’s longevity and artistic ability. His many hits includes ‘Come Back Darling’; ‘Truth & Rights’; ‘Reason’, ‘Water Pumping’, ‘Ice Cream Love’; ‘Buda Bye’; ‘Grooving’; ‘Sexy Things’ and many more. Johnny’s legendary status was not acquired as a result of the years in the business, in essence it emanates from his penmanship as a lyricist and creative ingenuity as a hit maker.

Johnny five-star rated album ‘Truth & Rights’ on Clement ‘Coxone’ Dodds Studio One Label is ranked as one of reggae’s all time classic albums. His warm voice filled with conviction and yearning is one of the island’s best.